An Online American International School for Expat Families World Wide, K-12

At Isilda International Virtual Academy, we provide your child with a private, high-quality American education, that is affordable for grades K-12. Isilda provides ex-pat families and others living abroad, as well as within the United States, the ability to provide their children with an education that sets them on their path to success.

We believe our individualized learning program empowers and propels our students to realize their highest potential. At Isilda International Virtual Academy, we offer a wide variety of core courses including AP, as well as elective courses that set the tone for a successful academic career. Our students worldwide stay connected to our teachers, the American curriculum, and our virtual classrooms, via the internet.

International Virtual Academy

Our Diverse Student Body

Isilda International Virtual Academy has a diverse student body from around the world. We applaud the diversity of each child, and in so doing, we encourage our students to explore their wide range of academic interests and abilities, as they benefit from our high-quality online school.
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The Right School - Anywhere In The World

Dubai, Australia, China, the United States, Philippines, Hong Kong, the Caribbean, everywhere the world over, parents must decide which school will harness the potential of their child and guide them to academic success. Lessons are accessible to students 24/7, whether your child is streaming in real-time or watching recorded sessions. We encourage students to join in during our live lessons. However, should that option not be suitable, your child may log in and attend classes at their convenience penalty-free.

Accessing classes are not the only concerns parents may have. Here are some questions and answers that may give you peace of mind in making the right decision for your child.
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1) What are the bureaucratic issues of enrolling my child in the local school in my new country of residence?

In enrolling your child in Isilda International Virtual Academy, you negate the worries of bureaucratic red tape when registering your child for our online private school. IIVA is American based and is completed 100% interactively in a virtual environment.

2) Will my child experience other cultures?

IIVA has a diverse student body from across the globe, where your child will get to interact during group assignments, become a part of school clubs as well as interactive assignments based around their new country of residence which will focus on celebrating the cultures of all our students.

3) What if my child struggles with a particular class, would they be provided with individual attention?
In a word, yes. It is our core belief that no child should lack the support, attention, and guidance needed to succeed.

4) Will my child be able to attend Universality upon graduating from Isilda International Virtual Academy?
Your child will have the ability and the academic knowledge needed to attend any university of their choosing. At Isilda we pride ourselves in guiding our students toward setting and achieving their goals by providing high-quality American education, as well as other tools to help empower them to realize all dreams and aspirations. Our curriculum is designed to get your child college ready and beyond.


Many families travel to other countries outside of their home country for work, and often find the country they moved to do not have a school that is a great fit for their child. IIVA is here to fill in that gap. One of the founders of IIVA was a teacher herself living in China, and went through the terrible experience of not being able to find a school that was a “good fit” for her daughter, eventually moving back to America. Although her daughter was offered free tuition at the institution where she taught, the school was not a “good fit” for her child. During that time, finding an online private school would have been the answer to her prayers, but she was unable to find a suitable school. That is one of the reasons why IIVA was created, to provide an affordable and reliable place where the children of expatriate can be educated. A place where students can log in 24/7, or during live instruction.

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Let’s look at some of the advantages for expatriates students attending IIVA:

  • Students who missed classes can log in later and play the recording.
  • As long as you log in and complete the work you are marked present for that day.
  • When the family move from country to country, IIVA moves with you because it’s virtual.
  • Take text and exams online from the comfort of your home (no matter what country your in).
  • When you have a doctors’ appointment your recording will be waiting for you online.
  • You can replay the daily recording of classes as many times as you need to.
  • If you have a flight to catch don’t worry about it. Go to class when you get where your going.
  • When you are sick and cannot attend classes don’t worry about it. Go to class when your feeling better.
  • Meet other expatriates students like yourself.
  • Meet other parents like you who are in the same situation.

Attending IIVA and finding a university post secondary is easy with our institution. All of our high school core courses are college prep, and students can also take advantage of our advance placement (AP) classes. The Academic Advisors and the College Counselors will ensure that you have a Personalized Collegiate Plan that will outline which test you should take such as SAT, ACT, TOEFL, and what courses you should register for every semester, to guide you seamlessly to your graduation goal.

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