Technology in the Virtual Classroom

Technology has come a long way in education, and have made it possible for Isilda International Virtual Academy to bring the value of private school education directly to you wherever you are. The exciting possibilities of private online education are endless. Teachers can give interactive lessons blended with traditional and technological avenues, all while keeping students engaged. All you need to take advantage of the online classroom is an internet connection. Students become very comfortable with accessing their classes through the internet in a minimal space of time.

Through IIVA’s advanced online classroom technology students can share their screen with the teacher and with other students. Students work on group projects without ever leaving their homes. Parents meet with our advisors or conduct school conference from anywhere in the world. Because of our advanced technology we can send encrypted messages to and from parents in our system as well as send and receive encrypted assignments in our learning system. Students’ information including class assignments, registration documents, and our online chat is secure because of our advanced technology system.

With the advance technology used in our system security and privacy is always optimal, and because of this we can:

  • Provide a secure virtual classroom for teachers and students to work together.
  • Create a supportive virtual classroom environment.
  • Create a collaborative connection for parents, students, teachers, and other teams.
  • Provide individual and group guidance as needed through our rigorous curriculum that meets the requirements of the state as well as the goal of our school.

Now Enrolling for Summer and Fall 2020

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