Isilda International Virtual Academy Provides Clubs to Keep Students Connected

Students at IIVA are encouraged to start organizations or become a member of at least one club that is of interest to them. Students organizations provide various benefits such as building lasting relationships, serving as a medium for academic discourse, personal growth, intercultural understanding, leadership development, and community engagement. More importantly, research suggests that involved students usually perform better academically and are considered to be more likely to graduate when compared with their other students who are not involved. Should a student find there are no clubs of interest then they are welcome to commence a club(s) that will suit their interest. Connecting with other students provides a wealth of information about each other’s cultures while being a part of the international experience.

We believe that clubs in school are a phenomenal way to promote leadership, challenges, and well-rounded student experience. So we offer a variety of clubs designed to engage students in various activities while extending their academic, and social-emotional opportunities. It’s a known fact that some students do not enjoy full semester activities, so we offer short term activities for our students to enjoy. For example, our journalism club offers a six-week activity where students can participate in and include the club on his/her college application.

These clubs allow students to:

  • Make new friendships.
  • Connect with Other student from nationally and around the world
  • Develop leadership skills.
  • Develop social skills and gain confidence.
  • Share their ideas with others.
  • Learn to compete with good sportsman-ship.
  • Simply have fun.


The following is just a small sampling of the online school clubs and activities offered to students.

Art Club

The Art Club was created to assist students in finding the artist in themselves. Students explore various types of art such as two and three-dimensional art, graphic design through various techniques and mediums, and photography (Grades 6–12).

Gaming and Technology

In the gaming and technology club students explore and discuss various games, styles, and genres and learn about possible careers in the gaming and technology field. For some students this may include designing a game and sharing it with friends in a live session (Grades 6–12).

Culinary Club

Students prepare, cook, and present the dishes of their choosing. Afterwhich, they pair up remotely and make the dishes, and share their recipes as well. For example, a student from the Bahamas could share a seafood recipe with a student from Italy (Grades 6-12).


Natural Crafts

Students create crafts from natural material found at home or in the woods (Grades 6-8).


Students work collaboratively to produce a monthly newsletter for the school that is shared with parents. The highlighted topics from the newsletter are mentioned at our assembly. Any important education topics may be included in the newsletter. Issues from testing to a student’s favorite book or a movie review can be covered (Grades 8-12).

Video Editing

The student prepares a video with special effects, and music to share with the school during assembly. Depending on the number of students in the club competition is commenced and there is a first, second, and third-place winner (Grades 9-12).

Global Volunteer

Pupils in this club volunteer to help others in their community, such as in a nursing home, a hospital, or at a school teaching younger students to read. The hours are recorded and go towards community service hours for college applications (Grades 9-12)

Homework Warriors

Scholars volunteer to help other students with their homework. For example, individuals with strong math writing skills could volunteer to tutor students who need to improve their writing. The hours are recorded and go on the student college application (Grades 7-12).

College Scholarship Society (CSS)

Students in grades 8-12 are encouraged to join the CSS. This group inspires learners to seek out and find scholarships for national and international students. The club is lead by a Personalized Collegiate Advisor (PCA) who commences the club at the beginning of each school year with a list of scholarships for the students already compiled.

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