Successful Students Start Late Sometimes

IIVA offers rolling admission because we know that life happens. Every parent would love for their child to begin school on the first day because we all want our children to have the advantages early start offers. Sometimes a late start cannot be avoided, and we understand that. So there’s no need to hold your child back waiting until next year to enroll your him/her, especially if your child is unhappy. In reality, there are times when you are all set to begin the school year in one place, and an event occurs that changes your plans. It can be an adverse experience at school for your child, a teacher change, or something massive like the family moving from one country to another. No matter what the issue, we are here to help and we will work with your family.

A Personalized Progressive Plan​

IIVA has caring teachers who will make adjustments to put resources in place for your student to be successful in our online private school. When working with a family who is starting late, our teachers will work closely with you to develop a Personalized Progressive Plan for the student. This plan is customized to the student’s skills and abilities. We take the student past performance and recent experience into consideration when putting the plan together. Additionally, we work as a team with family, teachers, and students to get the student back on track for successful course completion.

Some of the resources we provide for students starting late are:  

⦁ Constant contact via live chat, phone, and secure webmail.
⦁ Customize assignments to fit the student’s needs.
⦁ Adjusting the deadlines for assignment completion.
⦁ 24/7 access to course materials and LMS
⦁ 24/7 access to the recording of all missed and new lessons your student has missed.
⦁ Online library for student support.
⦁ Provide a buddy for the Learning Coach to contact.

Students’ who start late are expected to complete the entire semester assignments to get full credit for the class. All steps will be taken to make the process as transparent and stress-free as possible. Teachers will work with students to ensure there is no redundant work. Finally, homework is assigned my quality, not quantity.

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