Information Sessions

At IIVA we strive to be as transparent as possible so students and parents can be fully informed at all times of what events are taking place in our school. Additionally, any posting that will clarify an event, such as what, when, where, how, and why, will be placed here for your convenience.

We believe that providing up to date and timely messages, will keep our stakeholders abreast with accurate information, and allow them to make informed decisions. So, familiarize yourself with the site, and mark this page for future returns.

Who We Serve

This video addresses the diverse population served by IIVA. It shares our beliefs and desires to help students worldwide become successful. Equally important, it sheds a light on the fact that students globally are welcome to IIVA.​


This orientation audio is about what to expect in the first week of school, and how we will get information to parents and students. It informs you how student schedules, teachers, and homeroom assignments, as well as after school clubs will be accessed.

Student Coaching

Student Coaching

This audio explains what student coaching is at Isilda International Virtual Academy, and how it’s done. Additionally, it provides an insight into why student coaching is necessary and mentions some of the exceptionalities students are facing.

Learning Coach

Learning Coach

The Learning Coach shares a great responsibility. This audio clarifies what is expected of you, and tells you how you can get help with being a Learning Coach. After listening to this audio, you will know what your duties entail.

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