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Social and Emotional Counseling Available to Students

Isilda International Virtual Academy (IIVA) offers social and emotional counseling to our students in all grade levels. We believe that a student’s social-emotional health has a direct impact on their overall academic success, and social-emotional learning is an opportunity to marry our services to improve our students’ performance. Often students are not aware they need counseling services, so we leave it up to our parents, teachers, and counselors to keep an eye out for any signs of concerns and make referrals accordingly. Most students simply need the group or individual counseling, but sometimes depending on the situation a child may need a full psychological evaluation to get an expanded picture of the child’s actual needs.
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Psychological Evaluations

Psychoeducational or Psychological Evaluations consists of an individualized assessment which is designed to decipher your child(s) specific strength and needs and to provide information regarding the students’ present levels of functioning. During the process, the areas assessed are intelligence (IQ), academic achievement, personality, social-emotional, behavior, and mental clarity. This assessment can provide information about the child’s level of functioning. For example, some students struggle with various learning disabilities that have a direct impact on their success. It’s important to know if a student has a processing deficit, speech impediment, ADHD, depression, anxiety attacks, or any other deficiencies that can impact a thriving educational outcome. Once an evaluation is completed, the Individualized Collegiate Plan will be amended to include our findings, and our teachers can adjust their teaching styles to accommodate your child’s abilities. We train our teachers to work with students who have various learning disabilities. Anyone in the student’s life may make a referral including parents, physicians, school personnel, and other psychologists. This service is not provided automatically, but it is our responsibility to inform the parents if we think the service is necessary.
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How do I know if I should pursue Psychological Evaluations?

Psychological evaluations may be necessary if you or someone close to your child suspect something or has observed some difficulties at school or home. A good example would be the observation of a learning disability, extreme difficulty understand classwork, working slower than other students, needing things to be explained more times then usual, often staring into space during instruction, unorganized, and starting chores, and taking forever to complete the tasks. Many children with ADHD for example, will take hours to clean their rooms, sometimes days, and as soon as the room is tidy you find clothes, books, and other items all over the place. For parents and teachers, this can be frustrating and difficult to comprehend.

All of these issues often lead to low self- esteem and can cause your child to become a follower or an easy target for bullying. But once an evaluation is completed and you know the issues you’re dealing with, you can make a difference in the life of your child. When you suspect your child may need a psychological evaluation, you can discuss it with our virtual school counselors, or with your child’s primary physician, or with a Behavior Therapist, P.A. Parents with an underage child, can contact our school Child Study Team through our Virtual School Counselors, and make a decision together if the evaluation should be done with our license counselor or have it completed privately outside the school. The importance is placed upon getting it done when it necessary to help the child expeditiously. Contact us at +1-800-607-0182 to complete a request to be contacted on the “Contact Us” tab. One of our advisors will reach out to you within 24 hours.

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Group Counseling

Group counseling is done live, in real-time, and in a secure environment that allows us to maintain the privacy and identities of our students. With master’s degrees and specialized training in developmental and educational psychology, our virtual school counselors help our students address numerous personal, social, and emotional issues that have a direct impact on their academic success. Some of the areas we focus on are listed below.

•   Dealing With an Accusation

•   Anger Management

•   Cyber Bullying in Schools

•   Dealing With Peer Pressure

•   Goal Settings

•   Problem Solving

•   Psychological Services

•   Responding to Failure

•   Reacting to Accusations

•   Setting Priorities

•   Asking for Help When Needed

•   Transitioning

•   Conflict Resolution Peaceably

•   Using Negotiation to Settle Difference

•   Managing Embarrassing Situations

•   Boost your Self Esteem

Prioritizing the Safety of your Child

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Our online private school is committed to preventing child abuse and protecting our students. Our child protection policies are following the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, of which the United States is a signatory. We take our commitment seriously because it means that the interest and welfare of children at our school are imperative and make it our primary concern. And when decisions are made about suspected child abuse or neglect we make these decisions with the utmost concern and care for the student’s well-being. At IIVA we strive to ensure that all children in our care are afforded a safe, secure, and positive learning environment to allow academic and emotional growth and successes. Over time, educators have the opportunity to observe and interact with children, so they are in a unique position to identify children who need help and protection. In this situation, we have an ethical obligation to identify cases of neglect or abuse and take steps to ensure that the child and family are provided with services needed to elevate abuse or neglect and set normalcy in motion.

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