College Credit Courses

College Credit Explained

Students enrolled at Isilda International Virtual Academy can earn college credits or Advance Placement for AP courses taken. To get the credit or advance placement, a student must acquire the required AP scores. As a freshman in college, it is mandatory to earn a certain amount of credits to be eligible for graduation. Usually, the number of college credits is 120, but for some colleges, it may be more. When you take AP classes in high school, and you set off to college, you can take the credit from the AP courses where you scored 4 or higher and have them applied to the 120 credits you need. Every now and then, you will find a college where this is not applicable, but in most cases, you can exchange AP classes for first and second-year of some college courses.

Let’s look at this example. While in high school you take AP Biology, then you take the AP exam and score a 4. The college you applied and got accepted into grants 4 credits for the score of 4 you received on the AP Biology exam. They will accept your score, and you will start college with 4 credits under your belt. That means you have successfully taken one class off the required courses you need to earn your bachelor’s degree. Taking AP classes with IIVA will allow you to save time and money and start college with one or more courses checked off your list.

college credit courses
college credit courses

Advance Placement Explained

Advanced Placement is when you apply to a university, and they accept the score of 4 or higher on your AP exam and apply it to the introductory courses you would usually have to take. So instead of taking the introductory courses your first year, you will skip them, and get right into your core courses. Again, your eliminating the amount of time and money it will cost you to attend college. So when you’re granted Advance Placement, you are propelling yourself to earlier graduation from college. It is not unusual to take the extra time you would have to pursue a double major or work part-time to gain experience in your chosen field.

Finally, some institutions will allow you to earn the credit as well as skip the introductory courses. So when choosing your AP courses, choose a discipline you’re interested in pursuing after graduation. There are 38 AP courses in various disciplines. You are bound to find AP courses that will be right for you. When you join Isoilda, be sure to mention AP classes, and based on the transcript from your previous school, or homeschool, you will be granted permission to take AP courses. At Isilda International Virtual Academy, as long as you’ve taken the prerequisite classes, you can take AP courses. In some cases, you may be able to take AP classes beginning in the 10th grade, but definitely by grade 11. So be sure to ask your Academic Advisor about AP courses.

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