Academic Advisors

Students enrolled at Isilda International Virtual Academy (IIVA) have access to professional Academic Advisors, who will guide them through their educational journey. Our experienced advisors understand the importance of working with students and families to help them achieve their academic goals. IIVA’s Academic Advisors works with students globally. When they cannot reach a student via a phone call, they will contact them via text or email. Our virtual academic advisors are accessible and are prepared to provide optimal guidance to students. Services include but are not limited to:

• Preparing the Personalized Collegiate Plan.
• Goal setting, scheduling, and planning.
• Personal and Social Skills Development
• Time management
• Apply academic achievement strategies for the best results.
• Plan for postsecondary options (career and college).
• Scholarship research and planning.

Student College and Career Preparation

IIVA provides various services to create a lucid path for students planning on attending college. Often, many students do not know where to start and what to do. At IIVA, we make sure we arm our juniors and seniors with necessary information on how to apply to university from start to finish. Our Academic Advisors have created services designed to help students apply and attend university.

• FREE FAFSA instruction from start to finish (American students).
• Career Inventory for junior and senior students who need it.
• Virtual university tours.
• Personalized University Plan (college and scholarship search with student).
• SAT preparation courses.
• One on One advisement with senior students to provide university resources and help with college search and selection.

Beyond High School Sessions

The Beyond High School Sessions occur once each month for parents of our 11th and 12th-grade students. We hold these Q and A sessions to keep parents abreast of what’s going on with testings such as TOEFL, ACT, IELTS, SAT, and Accuplacer. Guest speakers will visit during these sessions from various colleges around the world. Any financial aid information such as student loans, FAFSA, scholarships, and funding for university will be here on the Beyond High School Sessions. Parents will find this forum particularly interesting because it will showcase national and international colleges for their students to attend. Our goal is to focus on post-secondary institutions in countries from around the world. Emails will be sent with information you will need to know which topics are being covered each session. Some topics covered are:

1. The U.S. College Application Process.
2. The Canada University Application process.
3. University of California Application Process.
4. Hong Kong University Application Process.
5. Free Colleges Around the World (by country)
6. The U.S. FREE FAFSA Application.
7. How to finance your child’s education.
8. The UCAS Application Process.
During these real-time sessions, students and parents can ask the speaker questions about career choices, universities, and other application concerns.

Now Enrolling for Summer and Fall 2020

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