Who We Are

Isilda International Virtual Academy (IIVA) is a private virtual school that provides a synchronous and asynchronous online education for students around the world in grades K-12. IIVA is a diverse place bursting with celebrated cultures, where students are prepared for college and life in the real world. We respect the varied backgrounds of our students and strive to ensure an inclusive community representing all racial and ethnic uniqueness, religious traditions, learning styles, and ways of life.

Our Parents

Isilda International Virtual Academy believes that parental involvement leads to student success. Research shows that there are benefits to employing parental engagement in education. Numerous cases prove student grades and test scores are improved, higher graduation rates, and increased enrollment in post-secondary education. At IIVA, the individual or persons who support student education at home is called the Learning Coach.

We expect guardians to contact us via phone, email or chat to ask questions regarding their student progress. Our teachers and admission advisors check their emails several times a day to ensure your questions are being answered in a timely manner.

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Our Students

Students are welcome to our online school from any country, anywhere. IIVA understands that every child is unique and has a personal reason for enrolling with us. We pride ourselves in preparing students for college, work, and life. To achieve this goal, our curriculum is designed for students to master the traditional “Three R’s” (reading, writing, and arithmetic), as well as the “Four C’s (communication, creators, critical thinkers, and collaborators). To be successful in the 21st Century students need to master skills in additional subject areas such as foreign language, the arts, geography, science, and social studies. And these subjects are complemented with the Four C’s. So to guarantee equal opportunities for preparedness, our teachers are trained to provide differentiated instruction to reach students of all learning styles. So if your student is considered a “slow learner” or may process differently in some way, we can provide instructions to meet his or her needs. In preparing students for the global workforce, we are aware that each student progress uniquely, and would benefit from differentiated instruction. So if your child is considered a slow learner, gifted, or is unable to keep up with instruction, we have the expertise to work with him or her. Our Learning Management System is equipped with technology to notify us when any of our enrolled students are at risk of failing long before it happens. For example, teachers are alerted if a child is experiencing difficulty in the classroom. So when the class is pacing to fast, or the student has time management issues, or there are focusing concerns we will get an alert and take action to ensure successful academic results.

Student Life

One of our goals is for students to enjoy the online learning experience while at Isilda International Virtual Academy. To ensure a well-rounded learning experience, and the feel of inclusion, various clubs are provided for student enjoyment. Parent, student, and teacher lead clubs are encouraged to create a sense of belonging. On the occasion that a particular club does not exist, students are welcome to contact their academic advisor to get guidance and assistance to commence said club.
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In a world where tablets are replacing textbooks, and social media is commonplace, technology is completely enhancing the way we live and learn. Educators have seen firsthand how students benefit from having technology in the classroom, and studies show that it is important for scholars to develop technical skills to be successful in the ever-changing real world. To be successful while attending our online school, students should have minimal computer skills which will be enhanced over time. There are several impactful advantages to technology in the classroom such as: Learning is more fun for students. Technology prepares students for the future. Technology improves retention rates. Technology help students learn at their own pace. Parents and Students at IIVA use computers for logging into the Learning Management System, gaining access to the classrooms, conferencing with teachers, conducting online research, attending club meetings, and social gathering virtually. While embracing this level of technology, we are furnishing students with the skill set necessary to be successful in a digital world. 

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