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Who We Are

Isilda International Virtual Academy (IIVA) is a private virtual school that provides a synchronous and asynchronous online education for students around the world in grades K-12. IIVA is a diverse place bursting with celebrated cultures, where students are prepared for college and life in the real world. We respect the varied backgrounds of our students and strive to ensure an inclusive community representing all racial and ethnic uniqueness, religious traditions, learning styles, and ways of life.

We offer three types of high school diploma for students who prefers the non-traditional form of learning. Students who travel a lot, who are in acting, and have to move often finds the flexibility and demands of our education system highly favorable.


The mission of Isilda International Virtual Academy is to further the success of people academically and socially, by forming alliances with countries, communities, institution, and individuals globally.


Fall 2020 Orientation

August 6, 2020

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Fall 2020

Midddle School

Grades 6-8

High School

Grades 9-12

Enroll Now For fall 2020


Isilda International Virtual Academy serves students in grades 6–11.

For our current tuition rates, including discounts, please visit our  Tuition and Discounts page.

Call +1-800-607-0182 to speak with an IIVA Admissions Advisor, or if you prefer, an IIVA admissions advisor can contact you at your convenience.

Included Services:
The Curriculum,
Instructional Materials
Course Access
Technical Support
Clubs and Activities
Learning Style Assessments
Personalized Collegiate Plan
Skills Practice Message Boards
Dedicated Admission Advisors
Basic Academic Counseling

For our current tuition rates, including discounts, please visit our Tuition and Discounts page.

The first month’s tuition payment will be charged to your credit card at the time of registration.

Yes, IIVA offers a monthly payment plan to families who enroll for a full year. For details, please contact a member of our team at +1-800-607-0182.

Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express, UnionPay

Please call+1-800-607-0182 to speak with an IIVA Admissions Advisor or you may contact an admissions advisor via email at

Please call +1-800-607-0182 to speak with an IIVA Admissions Advisor or you may notify an admissions advisor via email at

Please contact an IIVA admissions advisor (+1-800-607-0182 or for specific dates.

We have application deadlines for one important reason: real-time virtual instruction is a critical part of the Isilda International Virtual Academy educational experience. By having deadlines, we ensure that our students are able to benefit from having access to this live instruction. However, these sessions are recorded and accessible to students who were not able to participate. If you are interested in registering past the deadline for any of our programs (including individual course purchases), please contact one of our admissions advisors to discuss the viability of late enrollment.

Please review our refund policy and, if you have questions, contact your admissions advisor.

Yes, Isilda International Virtual Academy offers both a part-time program and a summer school program.

Call +1-800-607-0182 to enroll, or email an admission advisor at You may also contact us directly by initiating a chat on the homepage of our website at

Cost for students enrolled in the part-time program is calculated on a per course basis with no additional fees. Part-time courses are available starting at $235 per course.

A full-time student course load consists of 4–7 courses per semester while
part-time students typically enroll in 1–3 courses per semester.

Please be aware that if you plan to transfer credit from IIVA to a Non-IIVA to another academic institution, the decision about whether to accept IIVA’s course credits is wholly at the discretion of the school to which you hope to transfer the credits. We strongly recommend that you discuss with your school their transfer credit policy, and inform them about your plans to take a course or courses through IIVA, prior to registering for an IIVA course. We suggest that you read the High School Course Credit Pre-Approval Form to ensure that your counselor will accept these credits. Please contact an admissions’ advisor at +1-800-607-0182 to obtain a credit approval form.

All IIVA courses are the equivalent of a one-semester course and are worth one half (.5) credit. Credit will be documented in an official IIVA transcript. See above question for information about transferring credit to another school.

Please visit this page for the most up-to-date information concerning official and unofficial transcript requests.

Be sure to notify your local District or State Department of Education of your intention to enroll your child in Isilda International Acadmy to find out if there is any specific form or document required. Be sure to let them know you are attending a licensed and accredited private school.

We can send an official letter confirming that your student has enrolled in our accredited private school. We can send this letter to any state or local authorities who may need this information. Please contact an admissions’ advisor at 1-800-607-0182 for more information.

At IIVA we use Moodle classroom for our Learning Management System, couple with a global connected virtual classroom.

Yes, IIVA has mainly live classes for students in grade 6-11. When teachers they are not able to access their classroom often record their class and leave it for the students.

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